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Automatic or Manual Machines

Universal Design: The LDS 911-W wheel leak test cell is a complete turn key system consisting of incoming and outgoing conveyors, automatic handling system, helium mass spectrometer, complete vacuum pumping system and electronics control console. The Videojet wheel marking system prints important product information on each wheel. Each cell can be customized by adding additional modules including vision, gas mixers and even helium recovery systems.

The LDS 911-W is engineered to test clean dry wheels only. The recommended test location is after painting. Heated wheels reduce the affects of humidity under vacuum. All leak rates measured at the test fixture using a calibrated (NIST) leak.

Logic Circuitry And Interlocks: The automatic cycle is initiated by a wheel passing a sensor on the incoming conveyor. Provisions have been made for light curtains, sensors or other external devices. The Allen Bradley, SLC Series is the standard PLC. Other brands of PLC with various options and I/O configurations are available.

TCP Touch Screen Panel: The quick panel is located on the main 911 console. The manual functions, process information/controls, leak rate, handling system information and “plain English” error information accessible from the Quick Panel.

911 Main Panel: Main power disconnect/controls, mass spectrometer controls, digital/bargraph leak rate display and analog pressure information are available from the main panel.

Calibration: An internal calibrated (NIST) leak is supplied with a leak rate of choice.

Leak Rate Readout: A digital bar graph leak rate indicator is standard. In addition, the precise leak rate is displayed on the Quick Panel screen.

Alloy Wheel Leak Testing Tip
Practical Considerations For Testing A Wide Range Of Wheel Sizes - Tech Tip
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