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Glass Viewports
• NW, QF, KF Series
• Kodial Glass Viewport
• Alkali Borosilicate 7056
• NOT Rated For Pressure

Caution Is Required When Using This Product

NW16 Glass Viewport

NW25 Glass Viewport

NW40 Glass Viewport

NW50 Glass Viewport


LDS NW Series Viewports
• Optical discs are Kodial Glass (alkali borosilicate 7056)
• 304 Stainless

Bakeout to 200°C
• due to elastomeric fluorocarbon o-ring seal
• heating rate should not exceed 2-3° per minute


Caution Required When Using Viewports
• Viewports are rated for Vacuum NOT Pressure

• All viewports are fragile and must be handled and mounted with extreme caution

• NEVER use a viewport that appears to be, or is known to be damaged

• Never scratch the viewing area; a weakened viewport may implode (or explode) under wrong conditions.

• Make sure the glass chosen has a reasonable transmission at the wavelengths of interest.

• Remember, what is not transmitted may be reflected or absorbed.

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