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NW25 to 0.25" NPT
Male Pipe Threads (M-NPT)
OAL: 1.27"

NW25 to 0.25" Male Pipe Adapter (NPT)

• NW25 (KF25) OD: Ø1.57"
• 1/4" Male Pipe Adapter (NPT)
• 304 Stainless
Photo is NW25x25NPT

NW25 to Male Pipe Adapter (NPT, MNPT)
• NW25 Centering Ring Counter Bore: 1.03"
• NW25 Male National Pipe Thread Adaptor

NW25 High Vacuum Flange Equivalents
KF25, KF-25, K100, NW-25, QF25, ISO-QF

Teflon tape recommended to seal thread
NW25x25NPT Compare to: QF25XMNPT4 QF25x25NPT KAMP250250S 731023 K100X1/4MPT P101369 100316813 NW-25-1/4-MPT 4000238 NW25x25NPT-OS 4518K45 NW25x25NPT-VE

NW25 to 1/4" Male NPT

NW25x25NPTPrice: $67.00Sale: $40.00

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Teflon Tape - For Use With 1/4" NPT & Larger

91-S Silicone Vacuum Grease

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NW25 Male NPT (Stainless)

NW25 Male NPT (Aluminum)

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NW Female NPT

NW25 Ring and Clamp Assembly

NW25 Flange OD: Ø1.57"

***NW25 Flange Accessories Available Below***
NW25 Centering Rings
NW25 Clamps, All Types
NW25 Plastic Caps

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