6-Way Cubes - Conflat Series

CF Conflat Flange Series Cubes
Six Way UHV Cubes

• One Piece Machined, No Welds
• Tapped Holes, US Threads
• Uses Standard -BT or BT-12 Bolt Kits
• 304L Stainless

6 Way Cube for Ultra High Vacuum
UHV Applications

UHV, Vacuum Rated:
• 1x10-13 Torr

Helium Leak Tested To:
• <1x10-9 cc/second

Temperature Range:
• -200°C up to 450°C

Conflat Flange (CF) - UHV Vacuum Flanges

1.33" OD Conflat

0.75" Port Size

(6 Bolt Holes)

2.75" OD Conflat

1.50" Port Size

(6 Bolt Holes)

3.38" OD Conflat

2.00" Port Size

(8 Bolt Holes)

4.50" OD Conflat

2.50" Port Size

(8 Bolt Holes)

6.00" OD Conflat

4.00" Port Size

(16 Bolt Holes)

8.00" OD Conflat

6.00" Port Size

(20 Bolt Holes)

1.33" OD Conflat Cube <br> (133-CUBE)
2.75" OD Conflat Cube <br> (275-CUBE)
1.33" OD Conflat Cube

Price: $609.25
Sale: $438.00
2.75" OD Conflat Cube

Price: $1,247.56
Sale: $549.00
3.38"  Conflat Cube <br> (338-CUBE)
4.50" OD Conflat Cube <br> (450-CUBE)
3.38" Conflat Cube

Price: $2,247.65
Price Drop: $1,080.00
4.50" OD Conflat Cube

Price: $2,460.09
Sale: $1,676.00
6.00" OD Conflat Cube <br> (600-CUBE)
8.00" Conflat Cube <br> (800-CUBE)
6.00" OD Conflat Cube

Price: $5,355.00
Sale: $2,953.00
8.00" Conflat Cube

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