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Reducing Cross
8.00" OD Conflat to 2.75" OD Conflat
A: 5.50"
B: 4.71"

Conflat Flange 4-Way Reducer Cross
8.00" OD Conflat to 2.75" OD Conflat

• DN35CF, DN40CF to DN160CF UHV Adapter
• 304 Stainless
• OD Polish
• 19 lbs.

2-3/4" OD CF Conflat Flange:
• 1.50" Tube OD
• 6 Clearance (Thru) Holes
• 0.265" Bolt Hole Diameter

2.75" OD CF Conflat Flange (CFF) Equivalents
275CF, CF35, CF38, CF40, CF275

8.00" OD Conflat Flange (CF):
• 6.00" Tube OD
• 20-Clearance (Thru) Holes
• 0.332" Bolt Hole Diameter

8" OD CFF Conflat Flange (CF800) Equivalents:
DN160CF, DN150CF, NW150CF, CF150, CF160, 800CF

CF Conflat to CF Conflat Flange
4 Way Adaptive Cross

800x275-RDX Compare to: 4CR-600-150 C-0800-275 5000546 600-4-150 275x800-X 275x800-RDX 800x275-X

8.00" OD CF to 2.75" OD Conflat Reducing Cross

800x275-RDXPrice: $950.00Sale: $805.00

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2.75" OD Conflat Series Hardware

8.00" OD Conflat Series Hardware

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CF Reducing Crosses

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