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VGC503 Vacuum Gauge Controller
Triple Gauge Controller
Read 1, 2 or 3 Gauges
*New, Non-Surplus Item*

VGC503 Vacuum Gauge Controller:
Triple (3) Gauge Head Controller (Readout)

• 100... 240 V~
• (3) Measurement Channels

VGC 503 Compatible With Gauge Series:

FCC68 Series

15-PIN Series













398-483 398483
VGC50x Series Vacuum Gauge Controllers
VGC501, VGC502 & VGC503 Series
Vacuum Gauge Controllers are 1:1 compatible with the now obsolete VGC40x series controllers and offer additional features for process measurement and data logging.

New USB interfaces (front and rear) along with an additional Ethernet interface provide added data logging capabilities, while the 16 bit A/D converter produces excellent process measurement resolution. A dot matrix menu simplifies changes to the parameter, sensor, and general settings. The bright, easy to read display provides a bar graph for at-a- glance pressure vs. time data.

Non-Surplus, Standard Inventory

Additional VGC503 Triple (3) Gauge Controller Information Located At The Bottom Of This Page

Drop In Replacement for Leybold Vacuum (Oerlikon):
• VGC503 = 2235 003, 2235003 Center Three

VGC503 Triple Vacuum Gauge Controller
VGC503Price: $2,731.25Sale: $2,589.00

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10' Foot Cable - 15-Pin, Male TO Female

10' Foot Cable - FCC68 Series Cable

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BPG400 Ion and Pirani Combo Gauge

3.8x10-10 Torr to ATM

CDG020D Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG)

10, 100 & 1000 Torr

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MPG400 Cold Cathode and Pirani Combo Gauge Series

3.8x10-9 Torr to ATM

PEG100 Cold Cathode Penning Gauge

7.5x10-10 to 7.5x10-3 Torr

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PSG500 & PSG500-S Series Pirani Gauges

5x10-4 to 760 Torr

PCG550 & PCG550-S
Pirani & Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (CDG)

3.8x10-5 to 1125 Torr

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PSG550 & PSG550-S Series Pirani Gauges

3.8x10-5 to 760 Torr

VGC503 Gauge Controller:
Triple Vacuum Gauge Controller, 100... 240 V~

• Able to monitor and data log the entire pressure range (including the setpoint status) from:
10-10 to 1500 mbar (10-10 to 1125 Torr)

• (3) Measurement Channels

• Two free definable setpoints per channel with adjustable hysteresis

• Bar graph display with setpoints or pressure vs. time display

• Very bright and clear display for long distance instrument readout

• High Resolution - 16 bit A/D converter

Data log and parameter log function:
• USB port (rear side) and USB stick (front side)

• Programmable 0 to 10 V Chart Recorder Output with logarithmic/ linear characteristics for single gauge or gauge combination

Measurement unit (selectable):
mbar, Micron, Torr, Pa, hPa or Voltage

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