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VGT500 Thermocouple Gauge Tube
Stainless Steel (Not Nickel-plated, Mild Steel)

TC Thermocouple Gauge Tube
1/8" Male Pipe Thread NPT Port

Other Equivalent Models:
• VGT500-SS
• DST-531S
• KJL-531S
• MDC: TGT-531S
• P109826
• Varian (Agilent): 531S (F0472303 & 0531-F0472-303)

VAC-VGT-500-SSPrice: $160.73Sale: $116.00

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NW to 1/8" Female NPT

Female NPT Adaptive Tee

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Teflon Tape - For Use With 1/8" NPT

91-S Silicone Vacuum Grease

Other Equivalent Models:
VGT-500-SS VAC-VGT-500-SS VAC-VGT500-SS VGT500-SS VGT-500SS VAC-VGT-500SS VAC-VGT500SS VGT500SS KJL-531S TGT-531S F0472303

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