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• Replacement Copper Seal
• Fits: UHV-CF275 Series Valves (2.75" Conflat)


Replacement Copper Seal for UHV-CF275

UHV-CF275-RCSPrice: $125.00Sale: $38.00

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Replacing Copper Seal in UHV Series Valves
UHV-CF275 Series Only

• Open the valve all the way.

• Using an adjustable wrench or a vise, hold the hex on the operator.

• Using a wide blade flat screwdriver, unscrew the copper poppet seal.

• Install the seat in the reverse order.

• Close valve completely to seal it off; See torque information below.

• Loosen the set screw on the torque indicator and rotate to the furthest counter-clockwise line on the top of the valve and tighten set screw. The valve may be closed to this mark going forward.

NOTE: The closing torque will be slightly higher than before.

Do not exceed the maximum torque specification:
• UHV-CF275 Seating Torque;
~260 in-lbs.
• UHV-CF275 Maximum Torque; ~500 in-lbs.

• Periodic checks with a torque wrench will indicate wear on the seat and the proper mark to use for visual alignment.

• When the indicator reaches the last mark, we recommend replacement of the poppet seal.

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