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NW25 Centering Ring
Aluminum/Viton O-Ring
A: 0.98"
B: 0.21"

• NW25 (KF25) Series
• Aluminum Centering Ring
• Viton (Fluorocarbon, FKM) O-Ring

NW25 Series Aluminum Centering Ring
with Viton (Fluorocarbon, FKM) O-Ring

Viton® Replacement O'Ring
• 200°C Maximum
• Fluorocarbon, FKM
• NW25 (KF25) High Vacuum Hardware

Fits NW25 Flange Series Equivalents:
KF25, KF-25, K100, NW-25, QF25, ISO-QF
NW25-100-ARV Compare To: KC25AV 710014 100312603 QF25-100-ARV QF25-100-AR-V K100-CRA 4000022 211-061 QF25-100-CTR-AL-VT NW25-100-AR-V-OS

NW25 Centering Ring (NW25-100-AR-V)
NW25-100-AR-VPrice: $9.50Sale: $5.00

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