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Pharmaceutical Industry
Cold form blisters
Foil pouches
Parenteral vials

• The SIMS 1282+ Helium Leak Detector is ideally suited for packages (cold form blisters, foil pouches, parenteral vials etc..) requiring a higher level of seal integrity to provide gas permeation or microbial ingress protection and security. It is also a reliable means of ensuring properly sealed packages at the onset of stability packaging runs.

• This has saved some of our customers thousands of dollars by not having to re-start stability studies due to poorly sealed packages.

• The Seal Integrity Monitoring System is based on a helium mass spectrometer. Packages are filled with helium on-line, then placed in a Vacuum Test Fixture to measure the rate at which helium escapes from the package. A Head-Space Analysis Module is then used to measure the concentration of helium in the package, and provide an Actual Leak Rate.

• LDA offers different versions of the basic pharmaceutical SIMS Unit which are available for rental and purchase, as well as technical support and R+D programs. While there are common elements to each SIMS Unit, there are also product-specific custom elements that are designed to meet the needs of a given client.

Pharmaceutical Leak Testing

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