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NPT Pipe Thread Feedthroughs

• 25 psi to 10-7 torr vacuum
• -40°F to 200°F

Prior to shipment, ALL LDS Vacuum Feedthroughs are
Helium Leak Tested to 10-9 cc/second

1/4" NPT - Pipe Thread

3/8" NPT- Pipe Thread

1/2" NPT - Pipe Thread

3/4" NPT - Pipe Thread

1" NPT - Pipe Thread

Download Feedthrough Order Form Here
Includes Maximum Wires/Wire Gauge

Contact LDS by phone (407) 862-4643 or fax (407) 862-8723 with any questions.

Standard temperature range: -40oF to 200oF
Consult factory for quotations on feedthroughs
outside this temperature range