Click to enlargeFlushing Fluid For Mechanical Pumps
Using Hydrocarbon Based Fluids
1 Gallon

LDS-FF Series Flushing Fluid

• 1 Gallon
• Former PN: 8440-1200-0

1 Gallon - Flushing Fluid

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FLUSHING FLUID is used to flush out mechanical pumps using hydrocarbon based oils.

1. Run pump to warm up oil for more complete drainage, then turn off. Drain pump. Turn pump on for a few seconds to remove residual oil in 'working parts'.

2. Fill pump to normal operating level with FLUSHING FLUID. Turn pump on and run for no more than 5 minutes with ballast full open. Drain pump as in step 1.

3. If the FLUSHING FLUID drained from the pump is very discolored and/or contains a significant amount of particulate, repeat the process as needed.

4. Refill the vacuum pump with NEW Mechanical Pump Oil (not supplied).
Note: You may notice a slight increase in operating pressure when your pump is restarted. This is only temporary.

5. Disposal: Follow all state and local regulations for disposal of used oil.

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