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LDS Cable Pass-Thru
Vacuum Feedthroughs

Now, it is easy to pass cables from atmosphere into a vacuum environment using the new LDS Cable Pass-Thru Vacuum Feedthrough featuring exclusive SERCOSEAL hermetic sealing. These feedthroughs are available with all standard vacuum flanges. Custom flanges are also available per customer specifications.

Please specify the cable type/length you require or supply the your own cable to be used for creating your custom design. All LDS Cable Pass-Thru Vacuum Feedthroughs are helium leak tested to 1 x 10-10 cc/sec.

A few of the many applications in which these feedthroughs are commonly used are:
Semiconductor processing equipment
Particle accelerators
Analytical equipment
In-vacuum coating
Satellite instrumentation
X-ray detection equipment

Prior to shipment, ALL LDS Vacuum Feedthroughs are
Helium Leak Tested to 10-9 cc/second

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Includes Maximum Wires/Wire Gauge

Contact LDS by phone (407) 862-4643 or fax (407) 862-8723 with any questions.

SERCOSEAL is a registered trademark of LDS Vacuum Products, Inc.

Standard temperature range: -40oF to 200oF
Consult factory for quotations on feedthroughs outside this temperature range