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LDS 70
Leybold HE700 Pump Fluid Equivalent

Leybold HE700 (HE-700) Pump Fluid Equivalent
Specifically designed for larger Leybold Sogevac Series Pumps (SV20/300/585/630/1200) for ultimate pressure performance.

LDS 70 - 1 Gallon

LDS 70 - 5 Gallons


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Vapor Pressure @ 25°C
• 1x10-5 torr

• 40°C = 79 cSt (360 SUS)
• 100°C = 9.6 cSt (58 SUS)

Boiling Point @ 0.01 torr:
• 108°C (234°F)

Pour Point:
• -20°C (-4°F)

Flash Point:
• 222°C (432°F)

Fire Point:
• 242°C (468°F)

• 0.87 g/ml

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