Click to enlargeISO250 Short Weld Flange
304 Stainless
Tube OD: 10.00"
A: 10.02"
B: 9.88" (Thru Hole)
C: 11.42" (Flange OD) 
D: 0.25" (Offset)

ISO250 Short Socket Weld Flange
ISO250 Flange OD: Ø11.42"
ISO-K Claw Clamp Series
ISO250 to 10" Tube OD Socket Weld Flange

• Internal Weld
• Self Aligning
• Accepts standard inch tubing
• Infinitely rotatable
• Bakeable to 200°C
• 3.5 lbs.

ISO250 High Vacuum Flange Equivalents:
ISO-250, LF250, NW250, NW-250, Large Flange,
ISO250-1000-SF Compare to: QF250-SWK 100760225 L1000-W 813004 ISO-250-1000-OF 4500074 LF250-1000-SF P104022 IS2501000BB 88665 C10013059

ISO250 to 10" Tube
Short Weld Flange
304 Stainless

ISO250-1000-SFPrice: $487.00Sale: $209.00

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ISO250 Series Hardware

ISO Short Weld Flanges (Stainless)

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ISO Series Weld Flanges (All)

Weldable Tube Fittings

ISO250 Flange OD: Ø11.42"
Tube OD: 10.00"

*Don't Forget Your ISO250 Series Accessories*
ISO Series Claw Clamps
ISO250 Centering Rings
ISO250 Plastic Caps

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