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Industrial Vacuum Valves Designed For Millions of Cycles 
No bellows or o-rings to wear
High Conductance From 25 Thru 50 mm
Ideal for Roughing and Vent Valve Applications


  • More than 5 million operations without maintenance.
  • Leak rate lower than 1x10-7 Std. cc/sec (Helium).
  • Pressure working range: From atmosphere to 1x10-5 Torr
  • Compressed air connection: From 75 to 100 PSI
  • Closing and opening speed < 250 milli seconds

  • MATERIALS: Valve body: Aluminum alloy

    Inner parts: Stainless steel and aluminum alloy with Buna seat

    Pneumatic actuator: Pneumatically operated valves with Special face seal. Vacuum-tight against the atmosphere.

    B50 with NW25 fittings on both sides - Pneumatic valve
    B70 with NW40 fittings on both sides - Pneumatic valve
    B80 with NW50 fittings on both sides - Pneumatic valve
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