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Fuel Tank Leak Detection

Manual or Automatic Systems

Alcatel ASI20 Mass Spec

*Largest system designed - 51 Gallon Tank!

Throughput: A maximum of fifty (50) seconds.

The production rates are based on the ability of the operator to keep pace with the equipment.

Sensitivity: The system is designed to detect a 10 micron hole @ 2 psia using 100% helium. The 10 micron hole size shall be based on a laser drilled orifice calibrated using air at 14.7 psia.

The tank differential pressure is monitored and controlled to prevent deformation of the tank during the evacuation cycle. An alarm can be provided to indicate a failed test condition if the pressure differential is exceeded.

Gross Leak Detection Mode: A special gross leak detection mode is activated during the initial evacuation cycle. This operation is programmed to introduce a very small amount if helium into the tank prior to filling for the final leak test measurement.

If a gross leak is detected, the cycle is aborted, the tank is purged. The gross leak mode will eliminate helium background problems associated in testing tanks with very large leaks.

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