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Heater Jackets for Stainless Steel Tubing and Components
HPS Product Line

NW40 Flange Insulator, HPS
NW50 Off-Set Elbow With Heater Jacket
NW40 Flange Insulator, HPS

Price: $80.00
Surplus Price: $35.00
NW50 Off-Set Elbow With Heater Jacket

Surplus# 1278
Price: $720.00
Surplus Price: $195.00

HPS® heater jackets are designed for use on stainless steel tubing and components. The cleanroom-compatible, CE marked jackets are made with a unique molded design for proper fit and easy installation, from materials that heat the piping inside, but the outside of the jackets are warm to the touch. Snap-on flange insulators keep the flanges hot, eliminating cold spots.

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