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For the Fiber Industry

GENERAL: The system consists of a LDS 911-FT helium leak detector sniffer module, 3.2 cfm mechanical pump, special cryogenic unit, manifolding and valves. The basic system includes sniffing operation initiated using a single switch.

UNIVERSAL INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: The basic 911-FT module and associated components can be adapted for future vacuum testing or a fully automated production applications.

SENSITIVITY: The system will detect a total gas leak rate of pure helium 1x10-6 cc/sec using the sniffing test mode. The system measures gross leaks from 1.0x10-3 cc/sec or larger.

READOUT: A bargraph display reads from 10-9 cc/sec (helium) through 10-1 cc/sec or greater.

Special cryogenic system Engineered and Designed to Trap Glycol/Mositure from Steam Ejector exhaust : This specially designed cryogenic system eliminates the use of liquid nitrogen. The main control module for the cryogenic system will be mounted on the bottom of the mobile cart provided with the 911 leak detector.

Regeneration Feature: The cold trap can be easily regenerated in approximately five to ten (5-10) minutes. A drain is provided at the bottom of the cold trap to allow moisture to be removed without disassembling the cold trap if required.

Auxiliary pump: An Alcatel Model 2021, 14.6 cfm auxiliary pump is supplied with the system. The auxiliary pump is used initially to evacuate the cold trap prior to starting the cool down of the probe.

Auxiliary Inlet: An auxiliary inlet is supplied at the cold trap to allow for vacuum testing without the need for additional cold traps and hardware. The auxiliary pump is used to work in combination with the vacuum test bypass valve to allow for vacuum testing.

Mobile cart : The entire system is housed on a mobile cart to allow for system mobility.

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