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2.75" OD Conflat Rotary Motion Feedthru
1/4" Shaft
Hydrocarbon Series

2.75" OD Conflat Flange Rotary Motion Feedthrough
• 1/4" Shaft

• Hydrocarbon Series (HCS)

Former Part Numbers:
10C-99011400 (FD-CF-0250-LC)

2-3/4" OD CF Conflat Flange:
• 6 Clearance (Thru) Holes
• 0.265" Bolt Hole Diameter

2.75" OD CF Conflat Flange (CFF) Equivalents
275CF, CF35, CF38, CF40, CF275
Rigaku Superseal Super Seal Feedthru 0.25"

2.75" OD Conflat Rotary Motion Feedthrough

FTR-275x025-HCSPrice: $729.00Sale: $599.00

Click to enlarge2.75" OD Conflat Series Hardware

• Maximum Operating Pressure Differential: 2.5 Bar
• Helium Leak Test: < 5x10-9 mbar l/sec
• Transmission Torque (lb-in): 160
• Housing and Shaft Material: 17-4 pH Stainless Steel
• Bearing Type: SSri-1438 (Stainless Steel)
• Bearing Static Load, Maximum: 273 lbs.
• Bearing Dynamic Load, Maximum: 569 lbs.
• Bearing Lubricant Vapor Pressure: 1.00x10-13 Torr
• Bearing Lubricant Type: Fomblin/Krytox blend

Rotary Motion Feedthroughs

Hydrocarbon Series

Ferrofluid Type


Operating Temperature

80C Maximum

Ferrofluid Vapor Pressure (Torr)


Suitable for Operating to (Torr)


Drag Torque, Break-Away

11 oz-in

Drag Torque @ 100 RPM

6 oz-in

Drag Torque @ 1,000 RPM

9 oz-in

Maximum No-load RPM


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