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Leybold Trivac B  Model D16B
11.6 CFM (Actual Pumping Speed)
Single Phase, 115Volt 50/60Hz
Rebuilt, Surplus

D16B TriVac Mechanical Pump
11.6 CFM - (Actual Pumping Speed)

• Single Phase, 115Volt, 50/60Hz
• NW25 (KF25) Inlet Exhaust Flange
• Rebuilt Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Pump
• 78 lbs.

Rebuilt Vacuum Pump Purchase Includes:
• 90-Day Warranty
• Manual
• 1 Gallon of Mechanical Pump Fluid
• NW25 Blank, Ring and Clamp Assembly

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D16B TriVac Pump
11.3 CFM
Rebuilt Vacuum Pump

SURPLUS-D16B-115Price: $8,939.00Surplus: $4,469.50

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Ultimate Partial Pressure:
With Gas Ballast Closed: <1x10-4 Torr
With Gas Ballast Open: <4x10-3

Water Vapor Tolerance 19 Torr
Noise level at 3 feet with gas ballast closed 52 dB(A)
Noise level at 3 feet with gas ballast open 54 dB(A)
Motor 3/4 hp
Pump Rotational Speed 1750 RPM
Minimum Oil Capacity 0.5 qt
Inlet Exhaust Flange NW25
Weight 78 lbs.

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