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Coil Leak Tester

Available with Single or Dual Shrouds

Designed to eliminate water bubble testing

The equipment specifications exceed industry standards for accuracy and reproducibility.

Description of test cycle:

Manually loaded, an operator attaches a pneumatic, quick action connection from hoses connected to the tube ends. These connectors have been designed to seal "imperfect" tube surfaces found on most coils. The part is evacuated using high speed vacuum pumps and helium leak tested using a shroud lowered over the coil. Helium enters the leaks based on the pressure differential of the outside helium atmosphere and vacuum condition inside the coil.

After testing, the part is vented prior to removing the connecting hoses and fittings. The 911-CT automatically sorts both acceptable and rejected parts with extreme accuracy.

The entire cycle is approximately thirty (30) for even the largest coil configurations. The sensitivity for this application is .1 oz/yr of freon or 1.8x10-5 cc/sec (helium).

The 911-CT leak detector is specifically designed for testing air conditioning coils of various configurations. This method of leak detection offers the following advantages over sniffing techniques and hard vacuum systems:

The equipment is less expensive and simpler in design than conventional hard vacuum systems.

The 911-CT helium shroud test offers considerable flexibility when testing a variety of product configurations. For these applications, it is almost impossible to design a universal vacuum chamber for testing each coil configuration.

The system eliminates operator intervention and the resulting control over the quality of the product.

The shroud is designed of 1/2" lexan, reinforced with aluminum framing. The helium line inside the shroud is embedded in the lexan to prevent damage.

The pneumatic lift cylinders are supported using slides to eliminate any lateral loading on the cylinder rods. All cylinders are equipped with flow controls in both directions.

The shroud is lifted using a combination of chain, sprocket, shaft and pillow block configuration. Counterbalances are used to compensate for the shroud weight in the event of chain failure.

The 911-CT is designed for continuous production, three (3) shifts per day, seven (7) days per week.

System accuracy and reproducability specifications

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