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Baratron Pressure Vacuum Switch
MKS PN: 51A52MCA2AA300
New, Surplus 
1/4" VCR Male Connection
9 pin D connector
Range: 500 mbar
Trip Point: 300 mbar
5 pieces available


500 MBar Pressure Switch with 300 MBar Trip Point
SURPLUS-129Price: $329.00Surplus: $99.00
Export of This Vacuum Technology is PROHIBITED
Reason for Control:
• Nuclear Nonproliferation (NP)
• Anti-Terrorism (AT)
Baratron® Series
(Switches, Pressure Transducers)
Are EXPORT CONTROLLED & NOT available for purchase to customers outside the United States
OR to US customers where this equipment has a final destination outside the United States.

Customers not meeting this criteria must purchase directly from the manufacturer.

The International Emergency Economic Powers Act and US Export Administration Regulations
PROHIBITS The Export Of This Vacuum Technology

Pressure Transducers (Capacitance Manometers)
• Classification 2B230 under Export Administration Regulations (EAR).

Reason for Control:
Nuclear Nonproliferation (NP) and Anti-Terrorism (AT).

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