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ASM 340 Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detector

ASM 340 Helium and Hydrogen Leak Detector
• Helium and Hydrogen Vacuum Leak Detector Rental
• Adixen by Pfeiffer Vacuum
• Sniffer Probe Included With Rental
• Internal Oil Mechanical Pump
• NW25 Inlet
• 123 lbs. Without Crate
• Price does not include shipping

Adixen ASM340 Leak Detector Rental Fees:
• $575/Week or $2,000/Month
• $125/clean-up fee applies to all rental equipment
• Price does not include shipping

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ASM340 Rental Agreement

Signed Rental Agreement Required Prior To Shipment

ASM340 Specifications

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Model 340 Leak Detector Specifications:
Ultimate helium sensitivity:
• Inboard Vacuum: 5x10-12 cc/second
• Outboard Sniffing: 1x10-8 cc/second

• Tracer gas selectable: He4, He3 & H2

• Self contained (internal) roughing Capacity: 10 cfm

• Versatile use for production and/or service applications

• Pumping Speed for Helium: 2.5 1/s at inlet

• Allows testing at high pressures up to 25 mbar
(18,750 microns)

• Massive Leak Testing Capability at 100 mbar

• Removable color touch screen with SD card slot for recording capabilities

• Auto helium calibration with temperature/age compensation

• Floating auto zero- Unit will not drift below zero

Continuous bar graph leak rate display from:
• 10-12 to 10-1 atm cc/sec (helium) with digital display

• Start-up time: Less than three minutes
(including auto-calibration)

• Single button start-up and shut-down

• 123 lbs. Without crate

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