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ASM182TD+ Oil Free (Dry) Helium Leak Detector
Perfect For Large Volumes

ASM182TD+ DRY Helium Leak Detector Rental
• Adixen (Pfeiffer or Alcatel) Vacuum
• Helium Leak Detector
• Sniffer Probe Included With Rental
• NW40 Inlet
• 193 lbs. Without Crate
• Price does not include shipping

Adixen ASM182TD+ Helium Leak Detector Rental Fees:
• $700/Week or $2,500/Month
• $125.00/clean-up fee applies to all rental equipment
Price does not include shipping

ASM182TD+ DRY Leak Detector Rental

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182TD+ Rental Agreement

ASM182TD+ Technical Specifications

ASM182TD+ DRY Helium Leak Detector
• Leak rate: 5x10-12 to 10-1 mbar l/s
• Autocalibration
• Built-in calibrated leak, temperature compensated
• Wide range continuous barograph LED display panel
• 25 m3/h (15 cfm) Roughing Capacity
• 6 mbar Cross-over pressure at inlet in large leak mode
• Talking Leak Detector
• 193 lbs. without crate

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