Click to enlargeLDS 91-S Silicone Vacuum Grease
High Vacuum 10-7
1 Pound Jar

LDS 91-S Silicone High Vacuum Grease
1 Pound Jar

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease Equivalent

For Use With Teflon Tape:
Use 91-S Sparingly, Only "Shine" The Teflon Tape

LDS 91-S Series Compare To:
• Dow Corning 111
• DC Hi Vac
• G-661

1 lb. Jar Silicone Grease


Click to enlarge5.3 oz Tube Of LDS 91-S Vacuum Grease
Less Mess, Convenient Squeeze Tube

SPECIFICATIONS: LDS 91-S Silicone Vacuum Grease is a translucent white, odorless equivalent to Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease(R) . LDS 91-S is used in vacuum systems, electronic systems, control valves, ceramic plug cooks, on hinges where high low temperatures are critical and wherever O-rings are used.

LDS 91-S Series High Vacuum Silicone Grease maintains consistency from -30oF to 550oF. It can be effectively used at pressures as low as 10-7.

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