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8.00" OD Conflat to 3.38" OD Conflat
Zero Length Reducer

8.00" OD Conflat to 3.38" OD Conflat
338x800 UHV Flange To Flange Adapter
Zero Length Reducer

• Smaller Flange Has Tapped Holes
• Special Purpose Flange
• Different Size Conflat On Each Side
• Double-Sided Conflat Flange (CF)
• Double Faced CF Flange
• Weight: 12 lbs
• A: 8.00" OD Conflat
• B: 3.38" OD Tapped Conflat
• C: 2.00"
• D: 0.88"
• Zero Length Reducer
• 304 Stainless

3.38" OD Conflat Flange (CF):
• 8 Tapped Holes
• 5/16-24 Thread
Uses 338-BT OR 338-BT-12 Tapped Bolt Kits

3-3/8" OD Conflat Flange (CFF) Equivalents:
338CF, CF338, DN50CF, NW50CF, 3.375" Del Seal

8.00" OD Conflat Flange (CF):
• 20-Clearance (Thru) Holes
• 0.332" Bolt Hole Diameter

8" OD CFF Conflat Flange (CF800) Equivalents:
DN160CF, DN150CF, NW150CF, CF150, CF160, 800CF
800x338-200-0-T1 Compare to: 5000316 FR080003384 150030 800-338-200Z RF800X337

8.00" OD CF to 3.38" OD CF
Zero Length Reducer

800x338-200-0-T1Price: $339.00Price Drop: $263.00

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3.38" OD Conflat Series Hardware

8.00" OD Conflat Series Hardware

3.38" OD Conflat:
• 8-TAPPED Holes

8.00" OD Conflat:
• 20-Clearance Holes

***3.38" OD Conflat Flange Accessories Below***
3.38" OD Conflat - Copper Gaskets
3.38" OD Conflat - Viton Gaskets
3.38" OD Conflat - Tapped Hole Bolt Kit

***8.00" OD Conflat Flange Accessories Below***
8.00" OD Conflat - Copper Gaskets
8.00" OD Conflat - Viton Gaskets
8.00" OD Conflat - Clearance Hole Bolt Kits

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