Click to enlarge(1) Viton® Gasket
For Use With 4.50" OD Conflat Flange
3.02" ID Gasket
Torque Max: 7-10 ft-lb

Part Number: 450-VG
• (1) Viton Gasket
Fits ALL 4.50" OD Conflat Flanges (450 CF)

4-1/2" Conflat Flange Viton Gasket
4.50" OD Conflat Flange Viton Gasket
Fluorocarbon, FKM, Viton Gaskets
Fits 4.50" OD Conflat Flanges Only (CF 450)

• Reusable
• High Vacuum Rating: 1x10-8 torr (approx)
• Temperature Range: -70°C up to 50°C
• Intermittent use to 200°C
• Torque Max: 7-10 ft-lb

4-1/2" OD Conflat Flange (CFF) Equivalents:
• 450CF, DN63CF, NW63CF, CF63, CF64 CF450
450-VG Compare to: VZVIT64 GA-0450V G-450V 0604004 P104343 100889024 FG0450VU 191010

450 Conflat Flange Series Viton Gasket

450-VGPrice: $32.53Sale: $16.00

Click to enlarge4.50" OD Conflat Series Hardware

Viton® (Fluorocarbon, FKM) Gaskets may require slight stretching to fit in the Conflat Flange CF groove. Also, it is recommended to use a small amount of vacuum grease to help keep the O'Ring in place.

Operating at a pressure below 10-8?
Viton O Ring sealed compression ports limit the system pressure because of leakage and permeation.
In this case, use CF Copper Gaskets instead!

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