Click to enlarge275 Convection Gauge Tube
1/8" Male NPT

1/8" Male NPT Port (National Pipe Thread)
275071 Series Convectron Granville Philips

• Bakeable to 150°C (non-operating)
• Contains temperature compensated heat loss sensor
• Drop-in Replacement Convectron Vacuum Gauge Tube

Genuine 275071 Granville (MKS) Convectron Vacuum Gauge Tube

The 275071 Convection-enhanced Pirani Vacuum Gauge provides reliable measurement from 10-4 Torr to atmosphere using a gold plated tungsten sensor, and features a 1/8 inch NPT fitting. Convectron ® gauges used in thousands of vacuum processes to accurately measure pressure from atmosphere to 10-4 Torr.

Former Generic Part Number; LDS-275071
GP-275071-OS P101660 GP275-071 KJL275071 Granville Phillips MKS Instruments

275 Convection Gauge Tube - 1/8" Male NPT

GP-275071Price: $239.46Sale: $163.00

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NW to 1/8" Female NPT

Female NPT Adaptive Tee

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CF to 1/8" Female NPT

Teflon Tape - For Use With 1/8" NPT

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91-S Silicone Vacuum Grease

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