Click to enlargePreamp and Ion Collector
Part Number: 20099046

Preamplifier and Ion Collector

Fits Vacuum Leak Detectors
• Leak Tracer
• HLT560
• L200, L300, Phoenix Series
• Many Inficon and Leybold Leak Detectors

The Ion Collector is composed of tube shaped suppressor and the collecting plate. The suppressor carries a positive potential which is slightly less than the anode potential. It is the purpose of the suppressor to prevent scattered ions which have lower nominal energy from arriving at the collector. This improves resolution at low detection rates. 

The electronic amplifier amplifies the current which is generated on the ion collector of the Mass Spectrometer (leak detector). The detection limit in the most sensitive range is approximately 1x10-15 A. Amplifier also monitors its own temperature, requesting a calibration every 10°F change.

Preamp and Ion Collector 20099046
Replacing Preamp and Ion Collector

Required Items:
• 8 mm open end wrench
• 20099046 Preamp and Ion Collector (includes gasket)
• Clean, lint free gloves
Ensure area and tool(s) are clean

Power down unit, then remove Preamp and Ion Suppressor Electrical Cable

To exchange the Preamp and Ion Collector, the four 8 mm bolts at the flange must be loosened. Thereafter, the preamp and ion collector may be retracted towards the rear. A 0.5 mm thick piece sealing disk is used for the flat seal.

Before installing the new preamp and ion collector, all sealing surfaces must be cleaned with a piece of cloth(or Kleenex) dipped in alcohol. Even though the seals may be reused several times, it is recommend the use of a new flat seal.

When exchanging the seal you must make absolutely sure that the sealing surface is not damaged. Scratches or marks may cause leaks.

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