12-Point Bolt Combination Wrench
Fits 1/4 and 5/16" 
12-PT Conflat Bolts

12-Point (Dodecagon) Bolt Combination Wrench

• Fits All Conflat Flange Twelve-Point Bolts

Maximum Torque for Vacuum Tight Seals

1.33" OD

5 ft/lbs.

2.12" -2.75" OD

16 ft/lbs.

3.38" -16.50" OD

26 ft/lbs.

Over-torqueing can result in broken bolts

12-Point Bolt Combination Wrench


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1/4" Wrench Side Fits 12-Point Bolts For:
• 2.12" OD Conflat Flange
• 2.75" OD Conflat Flange

5/16" Wrench Side Fits 12-Point Bolts For:
• 3.38" OD Conflat Flange
• 4.50" OD Conflat Flange
• 4.62" OD Conflat Flange
• 6.00" OD Conflat Flange
• 6.75" OD Conflat Flange
• 8.00" OD Conflat Flange
• 10.00" OD Conflat Flange

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